Combat Climate Change Together with YUBO

While living our daily lives, each of us leave an unavoidable carbon footprint. However, the choices we make do affect the size of it. Thus, we have to think how to reduce our emissions where possible. We do recycle, we do use ecological products, but how to care more? 

In fashion, CO2 is emitted in production and delivery of the products. We try to minimise that, but it’s impossible to cut all the emissions. Therefore, together with you, here at YUBO we support CO2-reducing projects around the world. At the moment - the reforestation of degraded land and wind power projects in India. Plus, we do that by compensating much more CO2 than is used in our production. Our community has compensated more than 30 tons of CO2! Thank you all for that! 

How is it done? For each product bought, we support environmental projects and compensate 1 ton of CO2 emissions for you. This way we remove at least some of air pollution in Earth; thus, making the world a better place to live in. 

If you want to understand more about the topic or compensate on your own, visit Chooose Today.